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Our values

Our vision for Iowa City Cohousing's Prairie Hill neighborhood rests on the concept of community. We embrace our interconnectedness with each other and with the rest of the world. Living in a community where diversity, cooperation and mutual respect are celebrated inspires us to be our best selves. The shared values listed here provide a strong foundation for building a vibrant social fabric.

We are committed to building a diverse, multi-generational community which is welcoming to everyone. We seek to honor and celebrate our differences and treat one another with respect.

Openness and honesty
We work to communicate openly and honestly and listen to one another.

We use sociocracy, a form of dynamic self governance. Decisions are made by consent, so everyone has an equal voice. This nourishes our spirit of cooperation and community, providing equity and transparency in our decision-making process. If you’d like to learn more about the process, here is a brief video introduction.

Conflict resolution
We are committed to using a conflict resolution structure that supports everyone involved and stimulates creative solutions.

A balance of togetherness and privacy

We value both community and privacy, seeking to strike a balance between the two. We take full advantage of our communal spaces, but also enjoy retreating to the privacy of our own homes.

Environmental consciousness
We work toward making our community as sustainable as possible, weighing the long-term environmental impacts of all of our building decisions. We recycle, reuse, and share resources whenever possible.

Emphasis on alternative transportation
Prairie Hill is located on a bus line, within biking and walking distance of downtown Iowa City. It's a pedestrian-oriented community.

A connection with the earth
Prairie Hill's gardens, woods, and landscape design all work together to create a unique sense of place. We strive to be good stewards of this land—mindful of its history as well as the native plants and animals found here.

Being good neighbors
We value the richness that comes from being part of a larger community. We seek healthy interactions with our neighbors, as well as with the local, state, and global communities.

Updated March, 2021