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Is cohousing the right choice for you?

We recognize that joining the community is a big decision. For many of us, it’s not just about changing where we live, but about making changes in how we live. We want to be sure that everyone who joins us takes time to think through some of the potential challenges. Here are some to ponder.

  • Living in cohousing means living in close proximity to others. While we're looking forward to front stoop chats with neighbors, and sharing a glass of wine with friends, we also recognize that we may need to develop interpersonal skills beyond those needed to function in other social settings.
  • We use sociocracy in decision-making. Using a consent process ensures everyone has an equal voice in the governance of the community. Decisions made by this consent process are strong and make for healthy community life, but the process often requires patience, flexibility, creativity, and the ability to balance the best interests of the community with one’s personal needs.
  • Joining involves a financial commitment. For more on this, see Applying for membership.
  • Working together to keep the community going strengthens our connections with one another, but it does take time. Members are expected to attend monthly general membership meetings and work on at least one committee or circle. Established communities estimate adult members devote from 15-20 hours a month working on various community projects. But, people are quick to point out that working together on projects is often fun.