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Applying for membership from out-of-state

With the help of technology, you can begin to explore Iowa City Cohousing from wherever you are on the globe and even begin the membership process. Here are suggested adaptations to the steps to membership outlined on the Applying for membership page.

Let us know that you’re interested

If you think cohousing might be for you, let us know that you’re interested by writing to us at This will allow us to match you up with a current member to serve as your contact person. This person will answer your questions and guide you through the membership process if you decide to pursue things further.

Meet with the Finance and Legal Committee

If you have questions and/or are ready to submit a formal application for membership (see Applying for membership), we can arrange for you to meet with representatives from the Finance and Legal Committee via Skype. Your member liaison can help set that up.

Arrange a trip to Iowa City

We can do a lot by phone and email, but nothing beats meeting each other face to face. At some point, you'll want to come to Iowa City and see things in person. We suggest prospective members plan to stay in town for 5-7 days. This will allow time for you to meet the group, take a tour, sightsee a bit in Iowa City, and schedule any meetings necessary to complete the application process. Below is a list of some of the things you'll want to cover while you're here. For details on each, see Applying for membership.

  • Meet the group at an informal gathering
  • Attend a circle or committee meeting
  • Take a tour of our homes
  • Review the site plan to see available units
  • Submit your formal application for membership

Just let us know your schedule well in advance so that we can coordinate things at this end.