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Community agreements

We as a group craft our own community guidelines and agree to abide by them. These, of course, will change over time. Here’s a list of the decisions we’ve made about community life to date:

  • Pets will be allowed so long as they are not a nuisance to others in the community. Pets must be licensed and controlled on leashes outside. Only service dogs will be permitted in the common house.
  • Firearms may not be stored or used anywhere in the community.
  • Smoking will not be permitted in common spaces indoors or out of doors.
  • Members may maintain kitchen and flower gardens around their homes. A community garden space and fruit trees will be planted for production of fruits and vegetables.
  • Fenced yards are not amenable to the maintenance of the community; invisible fences may be used to contain pets.
  • Covered garages and surface parking spaces will be available for residents and guests. Boats, RVs and unused vehicles must be stored in covered garages.
  • Members may use clothes lines or poles behind their homes.
  • Iowa City Cohousing is meant to be an owner-occupied community of people who share resources and responsibilities.  A small proportion of homes may be rented on a limited basis with the permission of the Board of Managers.

Last updated 5/8/2013.