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About us

Our group is welcoming and open. Some of us are single, some married, some middle-aged and some retired. We are actively seeking people with young children to join our numbers. Our skills include design, housing finance, green building, permaculture, mediation, law, marketing and more. We have no common political or religious orientation, only a shared desire to live in a neighborhood of our own design that fosters an active and supportive community life.

Meet our members

See Meet our members to learn more about the group.

Our values

Our vision for Iowa City Cohousing's Prairie Hill neighborhood rests on the concept of community. We embrace our interconnectedness with each other and with the rest of the world. We are looking forward to living in a community where cooperation and mutual respect are celebrated. More on our values

Board of Managers

We have a five-member Board of Managers:

  • Barb Bailey
  • Annie Tucker
  • Del Holland
  • Carolyn Dyer
  • Nan Fawcett

They work with the architect and the engineers and make day-to-day decisions on the project in consultation with the general membership.